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The Official Beginning of Archival Research!

24 October 2023

Today marked the official beginning of the archival research portion of subproject 1 with an inaugural visit to the Westfries Archief in Hoorn to consult the archives of the municipality of Enkhuizen from 1925 to 1940. Now that the case selection has been made, the hard work on the research of the local political dynamics in the provincial Netherlands is set to begin. The selected cases for subproject 1 are the following: Enkhuizen, Roermond, Epe, Meppel, Winschoten, Wageningen, and Middelburg. Over the rest of the academic year, I will consult the pre-war holdings of the municipal archives of each of these municipalities to reconstruct the local political dynamics leading up to the German invasion. 

The news section will be regularly updated with interesting findings and also brief summaries of the archival experience once my work is done in each municipality. In short, I'm very excited to get underway with my research and to uncover more about local dynamics and the Holocaust in the Netherlands.


Written by: Catharine Aretakis (PhD Candidate)