Handing out identity cards. Source: Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam


Prof.dr. Ido de Haan is the formal supervisor (promotor) of the PhDs in Subprojects 1 and 2.

Since 2003, De Haan is professor of Political History at Utrecht University. He has taught and published extensively on the history and memory of the Holocaust and other forms of large-scale and genocidal violence, and previously collaborated nationally and internationally in a series of projects related to the history of the Holocaust.


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Catharine Aretakis did her Bachelor's degree in History and English with a minor in Jewish Studies at the University of South Carolina Honors College from 2017-2020. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam's Master's programme Holocaust and Genocide Studies in 2021. Subproject 1 is Catherine's PhD-research project.


Lola van der Made graduated in 2020 from the University of Groningen with a Bachelor's degree in history. Her interest in power politics and power relations in contemporary history started here with the focus on genocide, mass violence and human rights. She graduated in 2022 from the RMA in Modern History and International Relations, also at the University of Groningen. Subproject 2 is Lola's PhD-research project.


Dr. Geraldien von Frijtag leads the research team at the section of Political History at Utrecht University, which she joined in 2004. She publishes widely on the Nazi-era and the Holocaust and has a long track-record of coordinating international and national collaborative research. In her most recent work, Von Frijtag engages with micro- and local history of the Holocaust, which makes her a qualified scholar for the supervision of Subprojects 1 and 2.






Dr. Dienke Hondius supervises Subproject 3 and coordinates the production of the Atlas of the Provinzentjudung at the Department of Art and Culture, History, Antiquity at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam which she joined in 2004. She is staff member of international educational projects at Anne Frank House and publishes in the fields of Holocaust Studies, Race and Racism studies, Slavery, and Oral History. She is a pioneering Dutch scholar in the field of DH. Her current research is a spatial study of hiding places in the Holocaust.


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