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Lecture by Mary Fulbrook : Holocaust Survival and Surrounding Societies: Comparative Perspectives

09 June 2024

Together with the Political History Section at Utrecht University, we are pleased to share that Mary Fulbrook will be giving a keynote lecture for the Local Dynamics and the Holocaust seminar on the 10.06.2024 at Muntstraat 2A, Room T.0.05. The lecture will take place at 17:00.


Short summary of the lecture topic:


Jewish survival rates during the Holocaust varied significantly across Europe. The overwhelming significance of German initiatives and policies during different phases and arenas of warfare is clear; but the character of surrounding societies also affected the experiences of the persecuted in ways that remain controversial. There have been heated debates about what local people supposedly ‘knew’, the extent of antisemitism, structures of political control and repression, and the blanket term ‘bystanders’. Mary Fulbrook broadens the focus in this lecture to explore the social dynamics of persecution and survival in different areas of Europe under Nazi domination, andraises questions about the implications for later representations.