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EHRI Seminar on Microhistories of the Holocaust

23 June 2023

One of our PhD students, Catharine Aretakis, just received word that she will be one of the attendees of an exciting new seminar on Microhistories of the Holocaust this upcoming September. The seminar, put on by the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) as well as the Polish Center for Holocaust Research in cooperation with Center for Jewish Research, will take place at the end of September in Łódź, Poland.


Not only will the seminar focus extensively on the methodology behind conducting microhistorical research, it will also include a trip to the memorial site and museum at Chełmno. For one week, participants will have hands-on training regarding challenges with microhistorical research, utilization of different source materials, and methods of interpretation. Importantly, the seminar also focuses on the dissemination of microhistorical research to the public.


Upon her return, Catharine will publish a further news article to this website detailing her takeaways from the seminar. 



For the complete text of the original call, see: